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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Now that I have an android phone, I could sign up for instagram. Yoohoo, I'm excited! My instagram username is angel_indriani. Please kindly let me know what's your instagram username. I would be very happy to like your photo and maybe follow you if your gallery suit with my preferences.

Here is some of photos that I took when I begin to play with instagram. Sorry for the random interest.
PS: All the photos below are exclusive because I've removed 5 of them on my IG.

Hangout at Trick Art Museum and rose bouquet 1. Hangout at Trick Art Museum, Grand Indonesia.
2. Pink rose flower bouquet, valentine present from him.

View at Jetty Village and stand flower decoration
 3. View at Jetty Village, Penang, Malaysia.
4. Stand flower decoration.

Flower display and yearbook photoshoot
5. Flower display.
6. Yearbook Photoshoot at Sunda Kelapa Harbour, North Jakarta, Indonesia.

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  1. you have a great blog!!

  2. I like your blog! These mini comic strips are fun to red

    1. Maybe, what you mean is this one: Locomostrip, a Comic Strip. Btw, it's really fun. I'm currently looking forward for more comic's updates.


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